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“The day I found Becky was like a diamond in a rough being part of Brene Brown's community on Facebook drew me into Becky's purpose! I immediately resonated with her words, purpose, thoughts and stories! I couldn't have asked for a better time in my life! Of course, at first I was skeptical of signing up for any courses, classes, etc. only because my fear and doubt snuck in. I followed the tug of my intuition that she was something more you know! I'm just in awe till this day! Authentic Women Rising is exactly what it is! We are all the same but struggle with all the different circumstances this life has dealt us that prevent us from being our authentic selves! I learned more about myself in this last month and half than I ever have I truly feel! Becky is full of knowledge and wisdom in the self discovery, spiritual and life coaching world! She is very passionate, intuitive, caring, organized, driven, vulnerable and shares so much of her resources and tools to help you on your journey! She shares her truths and therefore inspires to do the same! Her approach is friendly, empowering and intimate!

She has taught me to be patient with myself, hold space for myself for all the things that I'm experiencing and so much more! I leaned into the meditations that she offered and provided, exercises, modules, live sessions, group messages, e-mails and recordings! She is phenomenal! I can't wait to be able to dig back into those resources I have forever!”

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“I honestly don’t even know where to being to express my gratitude to Becky and what her coaching did for me. It was honestly the best decision I ever made. I had decided to make a change in my life, read a few books, but it truly took taking the action to reach out to Becky that was the beginning of the real change for me.
She says the transformation I’ve had is all me but I can seriously say I would never have been able to see the possibility of how I can see my life if it hadn’t been for what Becky taught me and how she guided me and let me just pour everything in my head out to her!
Our work together was invaluable to me and I’ll be grateful to her for the rest of my life!”

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“I have absolutely loved working with Becky. I have always had a clear idea of where I wanted to be in life but was completely overwhelmed when thinking of how to get there. I had been holding myself back from pursuing my goals and didn't know how to help myself. Becky has helped me to put a plan in place to achieve my goals but more importantly helped me to change my mindset and think more positively. I now feel prepared to face any new challenge!”

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“I’m pleased to say he’s doing really well at the moment – he seems to have really found a new confidence in the last few weeks. Your sessions with him have really allowed him to feel ‘heard’ so he seems to have more confidence in his own opinions, and is making great strides in talking more to adults.”

Teen Coaching (1:1)- Dad

“Working with Becky has helped to challenge some of the ways I was thinking. She helped me to commit to doing things that I know I needed to do but didn't have the motivation or confidence. I feel so much more confident and independent now and I am working towards the longer term goals that we set together. I feel like I had lost my enthusiasm for life and I have found it again!”

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“, I can’t thank you enough for awakening my soul! This started with an interest in doing something for myself and turned into a journey of self-discovery. I leaned into your soul work, meditations and pod casts for the past couple of months. In return, I’ve learned so much about myself and hope to continue the journey with your extended community. Thank you, thank you!”

Adult CoachingGroup Programme & Membership

“Becky has been a great help in allowing me to understand how to challenge my negative thoughts and helping me to work on identifying how these thoughts play out in reality, so that I could work on areas of my life where I hold back. Now I have an understanding and have worked through ways to combat this. I feel more confident to push my self out of my comfort zone in order to do the things that I wanted to do but didn't, due to my lack of confidence. Becky is approachable, friendly and professional at all times. I would definitely recommend Becky at Your Next Chapter if you aren’t feeling motivated with your life and need a sense of direction.”

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“She has really benefited from your sessions and she is doing well. You were instrumental in helping her find herself and teaching her to implement boundaries with others which is invaluable and I know she would like to work with you some time again over the coming months.”

Teen Coaching (1:1)- Mum

“He feels you've helped him equip himself for things he'll face and is in a far better place than he was last year and even earlier this year. I want to say a huge thank you to you as he has grown over the past few months and is very comfortable with who he is, what he likes, doesn't like and where he wants to be. This is thanks to you being his support ear and safe space to open up. Both of us can't thank you enough.”

Teen Coaching (1:1)-Mum

“Dear Becky, I wanted to put down on record what a brilliant coach you really are. Having had the pleasure of training with you on the NLP Practitioner course, I can say without reservation that I would recommend your services (already have actually!). Beyond a clear talent for coaching, your skill set and knowledge really set you apart in my opinion. Furthermore, your total generosity of spirit was a breath of fresh air. It can be hard to tell a good coach from what you see online, but you are the real deal. Thank you!”

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