Teen Coaching

Professional support giving you a safe space to feel understood and empowered.

Does this resonate with you?

It’s no secret that young people face many challenges and pressures during teenage years, both internally and externally. It can be a time when you are striving for independence but also lacking in direction or feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by life.

Teen coaching isn’t about fixing or changing you, it’s about having an open and inclusive space where I  will hear your frustrations and struggles, whilst helping to offer insight and reflection, supporting you to recognise your values, strengths and skills to feel more in control and content with your life.

How can I help?

Managing Change

Teenage years involves lots of change, in all aspects of your life. I can support you to build the resilience and skills to manage these changes and feel more in control.

A future of Success

I can support you to think about your next steps, identify your own definition of success and work towards creating it!

Feel and Be Confident

I will support you to overcome manage the pressures of other people’s expectations and build the skills and confidence to push yourself out of your comfort zone and do the things you never thought you could.

Dealing With Difficult Relationships

I will help you to understand what might be contributing to challenging relationships and help you to identify the aspects in your relationships that you have control over, so that you can improve them.

Managing Difficult Thoughts & Feelings

I will support you to identify and understand the thoughts and feelings that you experience and develop the skills, techniques, confidence and resilience to overcome them.

Building Self-Esteem & Self-Identity

I will help you to identify your strengths, skills and qualities and use these more effectively to build your self-esteem and realise your self-worth, just by being you!

Managing Unhelpful Behaviours

Teen Coaching will help you to understand the reasons behind what it is that you are doing, or not doing. It can support you to decide whether it is in line with the future that you want, giving you the opportunity to explore how helpful these behaviours are.

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