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A free gift for driven soulful ladies, ready to step into their confident and empowered self, without changing who they are.

Get clear on what the confident version of you really looks, sounds, and feels like for YOU.

Feel sure about how you want to show up in your relationships and what you want your life to be like.

Know what steps to take so that you are living your life in alignment with the version of yourself that loves and accepts every part of you.

When you finish this soul work you will feel;

  • SO connected with the version of yourself that feels confident, empowered, able to show up & be seen for your true self.
  • Embodied in the frequency of self-worth, inner confidence and fall in love with yourself all over again.
  • Clear in your vision and able to take empowered, meaningful action.

And confident in exactly how you want to show up in you relationships, your job and your life.


This gift is for you if you value…

Personal Growth & Development

You are an amazing women with so much to offer and you’re excited to start shining your light again.

Soulful confidence & authenticity

You want to be your own version of confidence and not someone else’s so that you can be seen for your true self.


You’re committed to the inner work so that you can be everything you desire.

Hey there, I’m Becky

I had spent years feeling afraid to show my true self… compromising core parts of who I was in order to fit in or keep the peace, desperately wanting to break free from all the fears that held me back but not knowing where to start.

It felt consuming and so frustrating.

Was it how everyone felt? Was it just my personality? Was it always going to be this way?

I thought I wasn’t clever enough, loud enough, old enough, experienced enough, good enough.

But now, after embracing inner work, embracing support, committing to myself…

I know FOR SURE that we are all capable of cultivating a more loving relationship with ourselves, feeling confident in a way that fits for us as individuals and feeling empowered enough to let everyone see and hear the real you.

In fact, you already are all of those things. You are perfection, you are whole, you are enough, you are worthy, you have infinite strengths and possibilities… you just don’t believe it yet.

If the girl that went red whenever someone spoke to her and suppressed core parts of herself can do it… then so can you 😊


Ready to celebrate feeling like these amazing ladies?

Becky has been a great help in allowing me to understand how to challenge my negative thoughts and helping me to work on identifying how these thoughts play out in reality, so that I could work on areas of my life where I hold back. Now I have an understanding and have worked through ways to combat this. I feel more confident to push my self out of my comfort zone in order to do the things that I wanted to do but didn't, due to my lack of confidence. Becky is approachable, friendly and professional at all times. I would definitely recommend Becky at Your Next Chapter if you aren’t feeling motivated with your life and need a sense of direction.

Adult Coaching

Working with Becky has helped to challenge some of the ways I was thinking. She helped me to commit to doing things that I know I needed to do but didn't have the motivation or confidence. I feel so much more confident and independent now and I am working towards the longer term goals that we set together. I feel like I had lost my enthusiasm for life and I have found it again!

Adult Coaching

I have absolutely loved working with Becky. I have always had a clear idea of where I wanted to be in life but was completely overwhelmed when thinking of how to get there. I had been holding myself back from pursuing my goals and didn't know how to help myself. Becky has helped me to put a plan in place to achieve my goals but more importantly helped me to change my mindset and think more positively. I now feel prepared to face any new challenge!

Adult Coaching

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