You may be wondering what exactly is involved in coaching, how it is different to other forms of support and whether it would be useful for you or someone you know. Hopefully the information below will help to answer your questions.

Questions About Coaching

What is coaching?

A coach works to support people to develop their strengths, building confidence, tapping into their core motivation and creating specific steps toward becoming the person they want to be.  Part of that process entails helping the client to recognise limiting beliefs and destructive habits that are keeping them from reaching their full potential. Each session is tailored to each individual client and their specific needs. Coaching is not about me giving you the solutions; it’s about me empowering you to find them for yourself.

How is coaching different to other support?

It is important to note that coaching is NOT a suitable replacement to treat mental illness. Nor is it counselling or psychotherapy. If you are seeking or considering working with a therapist, please consult with a licensed mental health professional. If you are unsure whether coaching is the support you need, please get in touch and we can discuss it.

How often are coaching sessions conducted?

At the end of our first appointment we will agree how many appointments you feel like you need and how regularly. These could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. A typical session runs between 45 minutes to an hour and ends with a specific, simple, action step to accomplish in the week that follows. Each coaching session is tailored to the specific needs of the client. It may be that after several sessions we agree to reduce appointments to fortnightly or monthly to allow you to reach your goals and make positive changes in between sessions.

What is involved in the coaching process?

  • We will explore your life as it is now.
  • We will Identify and explore your goals for the future.
  • We will establish if and how I can help you.
  • We will explore the options available to you.
  • We will work together to overcome the barriers you face.
  • We will develop and use a number of resources and tools together.
  • We will create a realistic plan to achieve your goal.
  • I will support you for as long as you feel you need.
  • You will feel more confident, satisfied and equipped to continue living the life which you want and deserve.
  • You will receive a report of your progress once our coaching contract has ended.
  • Ongoing support and further sessions will always be available.

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • It will give you a clearer sense of purpose.
  • It will help you become goal driven and more focused.
  • It will help you identify your core motivation.
  • It will help you manage stress more effectively.
  • It will increase your confidence.
  • It will help you identify your core values.
  • It will help you recognise self-limiting beliefs.
  • It will help you discover what is holding you back.
  • It will give you direction.
  • It will help you identify your strengths and talents.
  • Find improved life balance
  • Manage worries
  • Improve relationships
  • Navigate change or challenges
  • It will help you overcome your fears.
  • It will help you find balance in your life
  • It will help you manage unhelpful thoughts.
  • It will help you overcome internal and external barriers.
  • It will help you to live a truly satisfying and content life.

Is it possible to have one single coaching session?

Coaching is not meant to be a quick fix.  For this reason, it is not ideal to have one single coaching session.  However, we understand that it is often helpful to have a session to decide if it is right for you and whether it’s something you want to do at this time. This is why we offer a free 30 minute telephone appointment. Remember that while a single coaching session may provide an important breakthrough, the ongoing support that we offer provides lasting change.

How do I know if coaching is for me?

Do you feel that you are not currently reaching your full potential?

Is there a gap between where you are now and where you want to be?

Do you sometimes feel that you don’ t have the necessary skills, resources or confidence to achieve your goals?

Are you open to different ways of working, fresh ideas and new perspectives in life?

Do you wonder how you can be happier?

Do you wish you were more confident?

Are you unsure about where you are going with your life?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

If you are answering yes to any of these questions, then coaching could be the perfect solution for you.

Where would we meet for coaching sessions?

We realise that speaking with a stranger is not always the easiest thing to do. We can meet wherever you feel most comfortable. Some people prefer meeting in a coffee shop or café, others prefer a private space or 1-2-1 room. It’s up to you and what works best for you!

How many coaching sessions will I need?

It is completely down to the individual and their needs. The average amount of sessions is approximately 8. Some people may have 1 or 2 and then decide they’re not ready to continue to coaching process. Alternatively, some people may have 8 sessions and find that they need further support. We will continue to review your progress each session, so that you aren’t having any more sessions than you need and also to ensure that you are receiving all the support that you deserve. Some people may return for further support after several months/years and this is ok too.

Questions For Teens

Do you help with writing essays or college applications?

Part of the work we do will give you specific tools in order to approach challenging classwork and the college application process with less stress and more confidence.  As a result, you will feel empowered and clear about the steps that need to be taken in order to tackle intimidating or challenging projects.

Will my parents be involved in my coaching?

It is a requirement that your parent signs a contract prior to the coaching sessions beginning. It would be useful if your mum/dad were aware of the support you were receiving so that they could support you in between sessions. However, ultimately it would be up to you about how much information is shared with your parents and we can discuss this together in our first session.

Questions For Parents

My teen has a lot on their plate right now with school and college applications. How much extra work will coaching take?

While your teen will most certainly be learning new concepts, they will not have to read more text or write more papers.  The real work of the coaching is approaching the work, responsibilities and challenges that they currently have in a different way.  The coaching sessions are spread out to give the teen time to think about the different things we discuss and to try out the different tools we talk about in different areas of their life.

My teen thinks that if they sees a Life Coach that means something is wrong with them. How would you explain that that is not the case?

I would start off by telling him/her that the top performers from professional athletes to business executives all work with coaches.  Coaching is not counselling and it is not mental health support.  Coaching is meant, quite simply, to help people get to where they want to go.  By working with a coach, your son/daughter will get to learn new ways of thinking and new tools that will most definitely have a positive impact on his/her life.

What kind of concepts do you cover in coaching sessions?

It depends on the individual.  Each session is tailored to the client and his or her specific needs.  Some of the areas we touch on are thinking styles, mind-set, patterns of thinking, communication skills, recognising limiting beliefs, changing bad habits, identifying strengths, identifying future goals, understanding your own belief system and clarity around what’s next.

Will I be involved in my son/daughter's coaching sessions?

It is a requirement that parents sign a contract prior to the coaching sessions commencing on behalf of their son/daughter. Where possible, we encourage young people to involve parents in their coaching sessions however ultimately, this would be up to them and it would be agreed how much information can be shared in the initial appointment. It is important that young peoples wishes are respected where possible to ensure that their coaching space feels safe and empowering for them.

How would I know if my son/daughter would benefit from coaching?

It is important that the young person is motivated and invested to engage in the support, otherwise it will not be effective. If your son/daughter is feeling overwhelmed, lost, stressed or facing a number of internal or external challenges then coaching would be very beneficial. If you want to talk this through, please contact us to let us know your thoughts and we can agree a way forward.

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Teen Life Coaching

For young people who would benefit from support to overcome the many challenges and pressures faced in teenager years.

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Adult Life Coaching

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