Olivia requested Life Coaching support because she felt that she had lost her sense of purpose and direction in life. Olivia had spent years working towards the career of her dreams and she felt that she had held herself back for several years and had missed a number of opportunities available to her. This left her feeling unsatisfied with her life style and in a job that was not fulfilling for her.

In our first couple of sessions together, we spent a lot of time exploring and unpicking the barriers that got in the way of Olivia pursuing her career. Most of these barriers were internal and involved negative thought patterns or an unhelpful mindset. Olivia at times found herself lacking in motivation or feeling overwhelmed by all that she needed to do. She acknowledged that she was able to set herself very clear goals, but she struggled to follow through with them. Within our sessions, we spent a lot of time unpicking these thoughts to help Olivia make sense of them and build her awareness about times when they impact on her and her decision making. In between sessions, Olivia worked very hard to identify when these thoughts cropped up and how she currently managed them or avoided them.


Adult Life Coaching

What We Did

Managing unhelpful thoughts and achieving goals.

We then explored several techniques to manage these unhelpful thoughts which included ways of challenging them internally and not allowing these thoughts to impact on her actions or behaviour (ACT and CBT techniques) and practical ways that she could manage these struggles such as mindfulness and setting SMART targets for herself. Olivia spent a lot of time both during and in between sessions focussing on managing these experiences and was very committed to helping herself.

After several sessions, Olivia felt she had built the awareness, techniques and confidence to overcome the barriers that she experienced. We then spent a couple of sessions re-focussing on Olivia’s long-term goal that she has been aiming for, for many years. We broke down her goal into several stages and we then broke down these stages, into several small tasks for Olivia to do each day/week/month. After approximately seven sessions, Olivia felt self-empowered and was able to take forward the awareness, techniques, skills and confidence to continue working towards her long-term goal without the need for on going life coaching. Olivia has now achieved a number of stages within her plan that we devised together and she is becoming closer each day to her long term goal, overcoming all the challenges along the way.

I have absolutely loved working with Becky. I have always had a clear idea of where I wanted to be in life but was completely overwhelmed when thinking of how to get there. I had been holding myself back from pursuing my goals and didn't know how to help myself. Becky has helped me to put a plan in place to achieve my goals but more importantly helped me to change my mindset and think more positively. I now feel prepared to face any new challenge!