Emily felt that a lot of her life she spent thinking ‘what if?’. This was a reoccurring theme; if she’d done things differently or made a different choice she could be happier, or her life could be better now. She regretted not taking more chances or having made different decisions.  She spent much of her time worrying about failure or being hated/unloved by others. Feeling that nothing she achieved will ever be enough to make her feel satisfied. Emily described her life as meaningless. She contacted Your Next Chapter because she wanted to feel more in control of her life, feel a greater sense of direction and security, to know what she wanted from life and to feel more content. Emily wanted her life coach to challenge her and how her life is right now. To empower her and help her regain the strength that she knew she had and use it positively. Emily wanted to work towards feeling that she could make decisions in her everyday life without help or outside motivation.

Emily worked with her coach to explore some of her fears and the thought patterns that drive her worries, lack of motivation and loss of direction. She was able to recognise the ways in which she could be very self-limiting and allowed negative thought patterns to determine the things which she did and didn’t do in her life (such as avoiding situations or things that made her anxious). Emily was able to acknowledge that this pattern of thinking and self-limiting actions became a self-fulfilling prophecy and a vicious circle.

Emily worked with her coach over a number of weeks to build on her skills and techniques to manage some of her unhelpful thought patterns, but she also spent a lot of time committing to making positive changes and taking specific actions both in and in between sessions. Some of these actions included; committing to going to an event that made her anxious in order to use the skills she’d learnt, speaking to her friends/family about how they could support her to manage her unhelpful thought patterns and difficult situations, taking up a hobby that she had previously given up, committing to specific self-care activities. Emily’s sessions ended once she felt she had built the skills, confidence and momentum to continue building each of the areas we’d discussed. Emily spent time developing a personalised timeline of what she would like to achieve over the next 6 months after her sessions had ended.


Adult Life Coaching

What We Did

Managing unhelpful thoughts, increasing motivation and building confidence

Working with Becky has helped to challenge some of the ways I was thinking. She helped me to commit to doing things that I know I needed to do but didn't have the motivation or confidence. I feel so much more confident and independent now and I am working towards the longer term goals that we set together. I feel like I had lost my enthusiasm for life and I have found it again!