So, what actually is coaching?

Coaching is your time, to prioritise yourself. It is a space to reflect, gain clarity, set and achieve goals. So that, you can be the best version of yourself and live a life that feels good for you. I will meet you where you’re at and hold space for you.

In your sessions we will look at a number of different things to help you… visualising what you want your life to look and feel like, take time to understand the patterns you get stuck in and how these limit you, lean on specific skills and techniques to manage your thoughts and feelings, increase your self-belief and build on your mindset so that you can achieve your goals whether they be specific or more general.

Remember, like most things, you get out of it what you put into it! So, it’s really important that you’re committed to making the changes you deserve and given that you’re still here… it sounds like you are!

Your Coach

Becky Rodrigues

I spent years feeling afraid to show my true self… compromising core parts of who I was in order to fit in, feeling anxious or afraid to put my needs, wants and desires first.

Deep down I felt this huge drive and ambition to do, have and be more… like I was meant for something meant to be here to have an impact and to make a different in the world but at the same time felt afraid and scared of that.

I invested in myself to rise above fear, self-doubt… the blocks, patterns and beliefs that were limiting me. So I did. I put myself first… my needs, my well-being, my desires. I accepted that it is a life long journey but I have grown to love my own personal growth and development.

I have learnt more than anything that, you are in control of your own destiny (which doesn’t mean its easy by the way!).

You can have, be and live everything you desire.

Now is your opportunity to choose you… your life, your desires and your happiness.

What’s different about me?

My mission is to deliver long lasting change on your journey of confidence, empowerment and growth…not a quick fix. My intention is always for you to be able to carry forward everything we do in our time together, into your life and onto the next chapter in your journey.

My approach is friendly, intimate, supportive and empowering. I truly and deeply care about the individuals I work with and in doing so, I am committed to my own personal and professional growth and development. Everything I coach, share, teach, do in my business and with my clients is everything I believe in and always aligns with all that I live and breathe.

I am qualified in a number of modalities making my support completely bespoke, individual and holistic (including Life Coaching (two years of training), NLP (100 hours of training), Motivational Interviewing, Trauma and Attachment informed practice and I am currently studying Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling – year 2). I have had just under 10 years of working with young people and adults in a variety of settings and so I draw upon a number of experiences, tools, techniques and ideologies in order to meet my clients where they are and give them what they need. I pride myself in my commitment and investment to my own growth as well as my clients growth. I am always delving into new courses, groups, books or podcasts because I love what I do and I also have regular coaching and monthly supervision so that I can be my best self for my clients.

What do I support with...
  • Increasing your confidence & self-belief
  • Identifying & achieving personal goals
  • Overcoming blocks & limiting patterns
  • Managing your inner critic
  • Reconnecting with yourself & your desires
  • Becoming aware of your strengths and qualities
  • Feeling stronger and more empowered in your relationships
  • Allowing the world to see the real you
  • Improving self-care & positive habits
  • Gaining clarity & a sense of direction
  • Rising above difficult thoughts & feelings

Professional support giving you a safe space to feel understood and empowered.

Teen Coaching

It’s no secret that young people face many challenges and pressures during teenage years, both internally and externally. It can be a time when you are striving for independence but also lacking in direction or feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by life.

Teen coaching isn’t about fixing or changing you, it’s about having an open and inclusive space where I  will hear your frustrations and struggles, whilst helping to offer insight and reflection, supporting you to recognise your values, strengths and skills to feel more in control and content with your life.

Professional support giving you a safe space, to prioritise yourself.

Adult Coaching

Always compromising who you are in order to fit in? People pleasing and putting other people’s needs and wants before your own? Feeling like you just aren’t ‘good enough’ (whatever that means!)? Overthinking and worrying what people think of you and your life? Finding it hard to make decisions because you’re too busy weighing up what every body else might expect from you? Feeling self-conscious and wanting to fade away into the back ground? Struggling to make time for your-self, your self-care, things that make you happy or content? FOMO! You don’t want to do things but worry about missing out? Feeling under pressure to do, say or be a certain way? Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with managing all of these things? Let me tell you… you DON’T have to feel that way.