Where are you saying ‘no’ to yourself?

What is it that you’re telling yourself you can’t do or have?

What stories are you running about the things that you really want in your life?

What are you making excuses for?

All of your desires, intentions, goals… all of the things you want in your life, no matter how big or small, no matter how ‘unrealistic’ they may seem to your conscious mind… they are yours to have.

If you want it, it wants you right back.

If you want it, then it’s possible.

If you want it, then you’re ready for it.

If you want it, your heart and soul are asking you to make it a reality.

The part of you that’s putting it off is scared, afraid, fearful, and that’s okay.

We tell ourselves we can’t have what we want because we are afraid to meet or overcome whatever happens along the way.

The part of you that’s scared.

The part of you that’s afraid of ‘failing’.

The part of you that worries what everyone else will think.

The part of you that fears the unknown.

The part of you that doubts yourself.

The part of you that worries it might ‘go wrong’.

If you’re answering your desires… you can’t do it wrong. There is no wrong.

The only thing that you can do wrong is hold back when your heart and your soul are asking you to lean in.

To opt into the reality that you so deeply want… to achieve your desires, you have to accept that there are obstacles but the most challenging thing that you will meet along the way is yourself. You have to face that the only thing stopping you right now is you.

Claim your desires and then, there is no other way.

If you don’t give yourself permission, no one else will.

Don’t deny yourself of what’s already yours.

You are amazing, you are so worthy and you are so deserving of EVERYTHING you desire.

It’s all yours to claim.


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