1:1 Coaching Container

If you’re ready to step up, live confidently and create your desires in your reality AND you’re looking for bespoke, holistic, empowering support on your journey… then this is exactly for YOU. 

The individuals who I have the pleasure of coaching are…

Ready to re-connect with themselves in deep, meaningful and intimate ways, in order to manage emotional, behavioural and relational patterns.

Committed to letting go of limiting beliefs and conditioning, around feelings of ‘not good enough’, comparison, people pleasing, self-doubt, peace keeping and fear of rejection or failure.

 Invested in leveling up, pushing themselves out of their comfort zone and determined to make their desires become a reality.

 Committed to taking aligned action, setting intentions and goals from a place of integrity and becoming their higher self.

Feeling nervous but excited to invest in themselves, put themselves first, commit to their growth and begin living confidently and authentically.

What’s different about me?

My mission is to deliver long lasting change on your journey of confidence, empowerment and growth…not a quick fix. My intention is always for you to be able to carry forward everything we do in our time together, into your life and onto the next chapter in your journey.

My approach is friendly, intimate, supportive and empowering. I truly and deeply care about the individuals I work with and in doing so, I am committed to my own personal and professional growth and development. Everything I coach, share, teach, do in my business and with my clients is everything I believe in and always aligns with all that I live and breathe.

I am qualified in a number of modalities making my support completely bespoke, individual and holistic (including Life Coaching (two years of training), NLP (100 hours of training), Motivational Interviewing, Trauma and Attachment informed practice and I am currently studying Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling – year 2). I have had just under 10 years of working with young people and adults in a variety of settings and so I draw upon a number of experiences, tools, techniques and ideologies in order to meet my clients where they are and give them what they need. I pride myself in my commitment and investment to my own growth as well as my clients growth. I am always delving into new courses, groups, books or podcasts because I love what I do and I also have regular coaching and monthly supervision so that I can be my best self for my clients.

I'm ready for this!

Our journey together will comprise…


A safe, open, reflective space to explore your blocks, patterns, thoughts, feelings and beliefs to overcome all that is holding you back and set intentions and goals that are right for you.


Mindset recordings, personalised visualisation recordings, tools, techniques and individually tailored resources to give you exactly what you need.


Unlimited support between sessions for encouragement, accountability, support, to celebrate your success’ and overcome any hurdles.

Hey there, I’m Becky

I had spent years feeling afraid to show my true self… compromising core parts of who I was in order to fit in or keep the peace, desperately wanting to break free from all the fears that held me back but not knowing where to start.

It felt consuming and so frustrating. Was it how everyone felt? Was it just my personality? Was it always going to be this way? I thought I wasn’t clever enough, loud enough, old enough, experienced enough, good enough.

I don’t know if you will believe me yet, but I want you to know that it absolutely doesn’t have to be that way.

You are in control of your own destiny. You can have, be and live everything you desire. It really doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve come from, what hand you’ve been dealt along the way. Now is your opportunity to choose you… your life, your desires and your happiness.

You’re looking at the girl that’s doing exactly that…

You can do it too… you have unlimited amounts of potential and you are worthy of EVERYTHING you desire.


Ready to experience change in 2021 like these amazing clients?

I honestly don’t even know where to being to express my gratitude to Becky and what her coaching did for me. It was honestly the best decision I ever made. I had decided to make a change in my life, read a few books, but it truly took taking the action to reach out to Becky that was the beginning of the real change for me.
She says the transformation I’ve had is all me but I can seriously say I would never have been able to see the possibility of how I can see my life if it hadn’t been for what Becky taught me and how she guided me and let me just pour everything in my head out to her!
Our work together was invaluable to me and I’ll be grateful to her for the rest of my life!

Becky has been a great help in allowing me to understand how to challenge my negative thoughts and helping me to work on identifying how these thoughts play out in reality, so that I could work on areas of my life where I hold back. Now I have an understanding and have worked through ways to combat this. I feel more confident to push my self out of my comfort zone in order to do the things that I wanted to do but didn't, due to my lack of confidence. Becky is approachable, friendly and professional at all times. I would definitely recommend Becky at Your Next Chapter if you aren’t feeling motivated with your life and need a sense of direction.

Working with Becky has helped to challenge some of the ways I was thinking. She helped me to commit to doing things that I know I needed to do but didn't have the motivation or confidence. I feel so much more confident and independent now and I am working towards the longer term goals that we set together. I feel like I had lost my enthusiasm for life and I have found it again!

I have absolutely loved working with Becky. I have always had a clear idea of where I wanted to be in life but was completely overwhelmed when thinking of how to get there. I had been holding myself back from pursuing my goals and didn't know how to help myself. Becky has helped me to put a plan in place to achieve my goals but more importantly helped me to change my mindset and think more positively. I now feel prepared to face any new challenge!

Apply to work with me

I work with a small, intimate number of clients at any one time to ensure that I can give them all of my time, energy and support. If you would like to apply for one of the four spaces available, please sign up below to complete the application form. I will then be in touch to offer you a 30 minute discovery call to ensure that we are an aligned match and to be sure that you can get everything you need from our space together.

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