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What We Do

We want to support you to be the best person that you can be. Coaching enables you to be able to identify the life that you want to live and to discover your inner strength to overcome both internal and external barriers that you face. This is the opportunity for you to make your goals become a reality and ensure that you are empowered to take control of your next chapter.

The services we offer.

Here at Your Next Chapter we offer both Teen Coaching and Adult Life Coaching.


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We will work together to identify the challenges that you want to overcome, the goals that you want to achieve and we will ensure that you have all the tools, skills and confidence to achieve all that we set out to work towards.

Live the life you deserve

Using the awareness, tools, skills and confidence that you have developed through our coaching sessions, you will have the potential to live the life that you deserve. You will receive a full report documenting your progress, following completion of the coaching sessions.

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Choose the most suitable package for you and we will discuss whether you would like to have your sessions weekly, fortnightly, monthly or a combination of the three.



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